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BK2M At Age 5
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Adam Ant Thinks Insect Bodies Are Best
Make Learning About Insects Fun & Memorable

Adam Ant is the uninvited guest at every picnic. He is proud of his body, especially his legs. While distracting a picnic guest, he explains why he thinks insect bodies are better than human bodies.

This science play introduces children to the characteristics of insects. Humorous comparisons and an uncomfortable picnic make insect facts memorable.

Recommended Ages: 5 to 9      Run Time: Approx. 15 min.

Educational Script Length: Five 8 1/2" by 11" pages


Ant with picnic basket








Adam Ant Thinks Insect Bodies Are Best
Science Play Excerpt:

Adam Ant: There is no need for them to be afraid of tiny little me.  I’m not like a mosquito flying around biting people, or a fly spreading germs.  I am smart, handsome, and a great dancer. 

Picnic Guest:  As I recall, you can sting and bite.

Adam Ant (trying to change the subject): I am smart, handsome, and a great dancer. 

Picnic Guest:  Do you have any scientific facts about what makes you so great?

Adam Ant: I’m an ant, right?

Picnic Guest:  We already established that.

Adam Ant:  Anyway.  A cricket is a cricket.  A bee is a bee.  A butterfly is a butterfly.  But, we are all insects.

Picnic Guest:  A cockroach is a cockroach.

Adam Ant:  Yick!  Don’t remind me.  I do not like to think about being classified with roaches.  But, they are insects, too. 

Picnic Guest:  You all look different.  So, what makes you alike?  Why are you classified as insects?

Adam Ant:  Let’s start with our legs.  How many legs do humans have?

Picnic Guest:  We have two.

Adam Ant:  Only Two?  How do you manage with only two legs? How can you dance? 

Science Play Core Learning

Insect Characteristics

How Ants Communicate

Terminology: Exoskeleton, Thorax, Abdomen & Social Insect


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A quality science skit that makes learning insect facts fun.