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At age 5
She could read on a second grade level.

At age 6
She had great diction.

At age 7
She could explain viscosity.



At age 4
He was a confident speaker.

At age 5
He could solve motion problems.

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Around the World in a Play
Take a Quick Tour of the Seven Continents
Around the World in a Play Kid Script
Educational Play Core Learning

Seven Continents

Reading Comprehension & Fluency

Reinforces PreK - 2nd Grade Sight Words

Rhyming Words

Number Word Recognition

Public Speaking

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In Around the World in a Play, pre-kindergarten through second grade students take a quick tour of the seven continents; they go around the world in a day.  Educational play integrates geography, animal classifications, number words, reading skills development and humor.

This short play uses the rhythm of language through songs and rhyming words to engage emerging readers. It also reinforces Prek - 2nd grade sight words.

The educational script was originally written for an 8 day camp to integrate performance with advance learning concepts. It is fun to read one-on-one with your child, and it makes great reader's theater. If used with a group, it is easily adaptable for 4 to 31 cast members. It also includes craft projects that can be used as props for group performances.

The play's characters are named using a combination of number words and vertebrate classifications. It supports number word recognition.  Through the use of bird, mammal and reptile character introductions and names, the play also reinforces vertebrate classifications.

Recommended Actor Ages: 5 - 9     Audience Ages: 3 - 9

Run Time: Approximately 20 minutes


 (Cast rows.) They went across the Atlantic Ocean to where water was deep blue. The rough ocean waves stuck to their boat like glue. The animals were tossed from side to side and left to west and right to east and back again. From North America, they should have gone down to South America when they began.

Bird Six: If we had gone down south, we would not have crossed the rough ocean sea.  I hope we get to a continent soon because this boat ride is too much for me.

Mammal Six: (Holding the map up):   First thing, the map says this path is not wrong. But, the ocean waves should not grow so strong.

Reptile Six:  Second, you have to turn the map around.  North is up. South is down.

Mammal Six: (Turns map around): Third, oops!  Turn the boats and make reverse loops.

Cast sings Row Row Row Your Boat again