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BK2M At Age 4
He had performed in 3 plays and was a confident speaker.

BK2M At Age 5
He could solve motion problems.

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Baggy Benita Wants to Be a Real Girl
Make Learning About Living Things Memorable

Baggy Benita is so loved she thinks that she is a real girl. Through the process of elimination, it is made clear that Benita is not a living thing. However, she does learn to appreciate who she really is.

This science play is engaging, funny, and emotional. Children learn to evaluate the characteristices of living things as well as how human body systems work.

Recommended Ages: 5 to 9      Run Time: Approx. 15 min.

Educational Script Length: Five 8 1/2" by 11" pages


Baggy Benita Ragedy Ann Doll









Baggy Benita Wants to Be a Real Girl
Science Play Excerpt:

Child (making fun of Benita):  She thinks she’s a real girl.  She thinks she’s a real girl.

New Friend:  It’s not nice to tease. 

Baggy Benita:  I am a real girl!

Child:  Do you have any cells?

Baggy Benita: I’m too young for a cell.   But, my girl’s mommy uses her cell to order pizza and set up play dates.

Child:  Not, a cell phone – a biology cell.  All living things are made up of cells. 

Baggy Benita:  What is a cell?

New Friend:  Biology is the study of living things.  Every living thing is made up of cells.  For example, the petal of a flower is made of many tiny cells. Cells are the building blocks of plants and animals. 

Baggy Benita:  Well, I bring as much joy to the children that play with me as a flower.  I am more alive than many of you humans.

Child:  But, you are not a living thing. Plants and animals like us (points to self and New Friend) are living things made up of cells.  So, you are not a real girl.

Baggy Benita:  I am too living. 

Child:  Living things grow, breathe air, and can make more like them.  Can you do any of these?

Baggy Benita:  You must be an animal.  You are so unfeeling.  But, this nice new friend surely isn’t an animal.

New Friend:  Actually, Benita.  I am an animal.  There are many classes of animals, and humans are one kind of animal. 

Science Play Core Learning

Characteristics of Living Things

Human Body Systems



Terminology:Cells, Biology & Vertebrae


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An emotional, quality science skit that makes learning about living things and human body facts memorable.