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Fun Math Skits & Plays for Children
Make Math Memorable With Educational Plays

The Division Family: Equal Sharing Story: Plot Summary

Meet the division family. They can be very divisive. Dividend never wants to share the beginning total. Divisor is always trying to divide into Dividend's goodies to share equally. Quotient gets on her siblings nerves because she is a know-it-all with all the answers. 

Play uses repetition, humor, and family dynamics to make division terms memorable. The characters, Dividend, Divisor, and Quotient, go round and round with each other to teach that division is about equal sharing.

Recommended Ages: 8 - 10   $3
Script Length, Run Time & Excerpt

Meet the Fractions: Plot Summary

Uno Four, Dosie Four, Tressa Four, and Quatro Four complete the family set of four.  Uno and Dosie introduce each other to fractions with the support of their parents. Their typical kid interactions make this educational play charming and humorous.

Play highlights common questions children have about fractions. Learn how to identify fractions, pronounce fractions, and understand the meaning of denominators and numerators. Children are also introduced to how fractions relate to decimals.

Recommended Ages: 7 - 10   $2
Script Length, Run Time & Excerpt

Hungry Greater Than and Scary Less Than: Plot Summary

Children remember what is memorable. This math play uses suspense, humor, and a familiar joke to leave a lasting impression about greater than and less than signs.

Parents can use Our Story Publication's educational plays to make subjects come to life at home while teachers use them in the classroom to reinforce core concepts.  

Recommended Ages: 5 - 9   $2
Script Length, Run Time & Excerpt

Multiplication Town: Plot Summary

Addie Stranger and Quick tumble into Multiplication Town. They are good at addition. But, they need to explore how multiplication products can help them add faster. Dirty Digits is suspicious of strangers looking for products without any factors. 

Addie and Quick challenge the town as they learn multiplication is adding the same number over and over again. After Dirty Digits takes a shine to them, they learn multiplication secrets when zero and one are factors. Plus, skip counting can help with learning their multiplication tables.

Recommended Ages: 6 - 10    $3
Script Length, Run Time & Excerpt