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BKA At Age 3
She could spell.

BKA At age 5
She could read on a second grade level.

BKA At age 7
She could explain viscosity.


BK2M At Age 4
He was doing second grade math.

BK2M At Age 5
He could solve equations for motion.

BK2M At Age 6
He comprehended on a 7th grade level















Educational Plays

Advocating for Fun, Relevant & Purposeful Education


Our Story Publications Founder

Our Story Publications (OSP) is the brain child of a parent who hears talking animals and erodes rocks into sand in her kitchen.  This creative parent nurtures enthusiastic learners through educational plays.

Nicole Eutsey uses her experiences teaching different age groups in traditional and nontraditional settings to facilitate children fulfilling their potential through educational theater. Her education and training in Bachelor of Science in Communications, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and Masters in Business Administration, as well as certifications in Infant and Toddler Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Physical Development, and Creating Learning Environments for Infants and Toddlers, and continuing education in educational psychology allows her to to design multifaceted programs that are fun and purposeful.

About The Founder

Nicole Eutsey began her career in education as a substitute teacher. Because she was dedicated to students learning, she caught the attention of a middle school principal who asked her to teach eighth grade English for a semester. While teaching 8th graders, she noticed students lacked an intrinsic appreciation for what was being taught. The curriculum was not relevant to their daily lives or interests. They had little to no awareness of how prescribed state standards would lead to careers. The experience of developing weekly lesson plans, grading and assigning grades, counseling students, tutoring, and conducting parent conferences made her extremely empathetic towards school teachers. Yet, she was forever changed by the lack of intrinsic value for education, administrative norms, and haphazard textbooks and supplemental materials.

While in graduate school, she began teaching an alternative high school diploma program at a community college. She again observed students lacked an intrinsic value for education. During graduate school, she developed the operating plan for an educational nonprofit (OurStory) founded on the belief that every child is gifted. She managed the organization for more than a decade providing after-school programs and summer camps for underserved youth in drama, technology, science, literature, and entrepreneurship.

Confidence to Start Small Business

During the years at the nonprofit, Nicole had written many educational plays and activities. After leaving to start her own family, she continued her passion for education. While her daughter was in preschool, Nicole expressed concerns about how children were being socialized. Her daughter's preschool director asked Nicole to teach an integrated summer drama class. That program evolved into a regular community class.

Each occasion she enrolled her children in kindergarten, it was short lived.  Her children were all around “advanced” learners and gifted in some areas.  She was not willing to see their gifts go undeveloped or have their potential left on the shelf in a classroom.  Nor, did she want them to become anti-school.  She wanted her children to continue to be enthusiastic learners. Thus, she began home schooling them.

To evaluate her children's progress, she had them tested in 2011. Her 6 year old son scored in the 99.9th percentile in math and had seventh grade reading comprehension. Her 8 year old daughter scored in the 98th percentile in math and could construct a 12th grade sentence. Their outstanding achievement, convinced her that methods she had long advocated worked. In 2016, her daughter scored in the 98th percentile nationwide on the PSAT.

Business Mission

Nicole Eutsey started her small business to foster enthusiasm for learning that would lead to children fulfilling their potential. She makes subjects relevant for children to realize education can be fun and benefit them.  Thus, developing an intrinsic value for education that produces lifelong learners. By making subjects relevant, children can explore their interests and better understand their gifts.

Our Story products are multifaceted. They take into account children's learning styles. Educational plays make common core concepts and essential knowledge skills come to life. Subjects are placed in frameworks that are entertaining with humor, emotion, engaging characters, and business simulations. How a child processes information is assessed to make learning more effective and efficient. Sociological patterns of behavior are studied to increase resources available for differentiation and facilitate enriching social interactions.

Nicole also seeks to inspire parents to become their children's educational coaches. Educational coaches proactively guide children's gifts and guard their potential. They inquire about curriculum and help children understand the link between what they learn and how their unique gifts are applicable to their futures.