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BK2M At age 3
He could track basketball scores by 2 and 3 point shots for himself and his opponents.

BK2M At age 5
He could solve a motion equation.

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The Real McCoys Science 4 Life
Discover How Science Subjects Become Careers

Basketball Player

Science Play Core Learning

Science Career Awareness

African American Scientists


When purchase is complete, play is available through a link to a PDF. Links do not remain active. Please print or save your PDF play copy to your computer.

For bound script, visit amazon.com.


The Real McCoys is a play about urban youth who do not think they need school, especially science.  A science wizard helps them see how important science is to their future careers.

The outspoken cast speaks poignant down-to-earth insights tempered by the wisdom of neighborhood elders.  No one is short on personality.  Tony is a star basketball player. He knows all he has to do is keep making his jump shots, and everything will be taken care of for him.  Shuronda thinks dropping out of high school is the smart move because she can “get paid” as a beautician.   Baby K stands out as a lone voice among the youth.  She still believes a college education is the way to a thriving job and prosperous future.  Through some real world experiences, the kids find that science, the major subject they long to forget, is crucial to their futures.

This timeless adolescent play promotes the themes of education, challenging yourself, community involvement and overcoming obstacles. As a cultural piece, it spotlights the contributions of African American scientists. 


Tony (twirling a basket ball off his fingers): Well, I’m with you sista.  I’m going to college to get paid!  Then, I’m going pro.  Your grandchildren’s grandchildren are going to remember my name.

Ken:  You and every other wannabe Michael Jordan. 

Tony:  Oh, no, playa.  You have to give me my props.  I got skills. (He twirls the basketball around.)  I know college ain’t all that.  But, I ain’t trying to hear that about those books.  (He raises the basketball in the air.) It’s all about the Benjamins.  After I help win the Olympic gold and break the record for most valuable player, my stock is going up! 

Shuronda:  Then your endorsements are gonna blow up! Hollywood will call you to make a movie. (pretends she is on the phone)  Can you hold please? (to Tony) Spike Lee on line one and Tyler Perry on line (holds up two fingers) two. 

Tony:  I can see it now.   The new national treasure being interviewed by Anderson Cooper, Gayle King…

Shuronda:  I heard you on Oprah! (They give each other fist pounds.) And Orman is gonna handle your money!

Ken:  Who is Orman?

Princess:  That money lady that Oprah blew up with her Midas touch.

Shuronda:  She got cheddar.  And I don’t mean from serving grill cheese sandwiches when she was a waitress.

Baby K:  She is a financial adviser and she helps people manage their money.

Princess:  You’re gonna need her.  You know you don’t like to count, Tony.  (laughs)

Tony:  Why you throwin’ shade? (pretends to shoot a basketball shot)  I count by twos and threes just fine.

Princess (smiling):  I’m just tryin’ to help a brotha out.

Baby K (bursting the fantasy):  But, how are you going to make it in college, if you don’t learn anything now?

Tony:  If you good enough, which I am!  They take care of it for you. 

Princess:  What did an education ever get anybody?  I know plenty of hobos with degrees. 

Baby K (ignoring Princess):  But, Tony, you’re flunking science.  So, how do you plan on getting to college for them to take care of it if you don’t get out of high school?

Tony:  Girl, please!  Science ain’t important.

Ken:  Ain’t none of them important.

Shuronda:  Especially science.  I hate science.