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BK2M At Age 3
He acted in his first play.

BK2M At Age 6
He could solve motion problems.

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Science Plays and Scripts PDF Downloads
Educational Plays Are Fun & Memorable Ways to Reinforce Learning Concepts

Science Plays

Children are born natural explorers. Science plays for children create connections between science concepts and how they apply to daily life. Learning rules and theories without relevance often leaves children apprehensive about scientific mystique. Our Story Publication's plays make science come to life. Children experience science in action. Children engage science facts in scenes that are natural to their development.

Parents can use Our Story's science plays to make subjects come to life at home, while teachers use them in the classroom to reinforce core concepts.

Adam Ant Thinks Insect Bodies Are Better

Adam Ant explains what makes an insect an insect. Plus, learn why Adam Ant feels sorry for poor unfortunate human animals with only two legs.

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Ant with picnic basket

Baggy Benita Wants to Be a Real Girl

rag doll baggy benita


Awesome value for only $3! In her desire to be a real girl, Baggy Benita introduces children to human body systems.

This entertaining play for children integrates science and reader's theater. Baggy Benita science play incorporates sight words.

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Pebbles and Bam Bam Erode Their Chances of Settling for the Holidays

Pebbles and Bam Bam science play turns dull rock facts into into an exciting, funny, and emotional holiday adventure.

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ground erosion
The Real McCoys: Science 4 Life Real MC Basketball Player

In The Real McCoys, urban youth who think they know it all, do not believe that school is important, especially science.  However, these young people discover just how import science can be to their futures. For bound script, visit amazon.com.

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